Why We Exist

Why… we exist

Our community is suffering from disease, crisis and chronic illness. At Revelation Health we aim to teach, motivate and support our community. We exist to inspire and lead families and individuals to live healthy, abundant, and fulfilled lives with less suffering and more fun!

What… age range we work with

Pediatrics to geriatrics 

What… conditions we treat and manage

Neck pain     - Headaches/migraines     - Jaw (TMJ) pain    - Concussions     - Shoulder pain     - Frozen shoulder     - Rotator cuff     - Elbow pain              Wrist/hand pain     - Carpal tunnel syndrome    - Back pain     - Hip/SI pain     -Sciatica     - Knee pain     - Ankle/foot pain     - Tarsal tunnel syndrome          Plantar fasciitis     - Arthritic joints     - Numbness/tingling     -Pinched nerves     - Neuropathy     - Bursitis     - Fibromyalgia     -Tendinitis     - Sports injuries Motor vehicle injuries     - Work related injuries

AND so much more!!!

How… we help

We use natural health care that restores nerve, joint and soft tissue function to minimize suffering and improve quality-of-life.

How… the process works in our office 

 We start by doing a thorough evaluation, including a consultation, exam (orthopedic, neurological, & functional), digital X-ray, if necessary, as well as a nerve scan. We then determine if we can help you, or if we need to refer you to another specialist. We will review all of the findings with you and discuss treatment options.


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Urgent Care ----> Appt Only


Urgent Care ----> Appt Only


Urgent Care ----> Appt Only