Pinched Nerve Treatment

Non-Surgical Pinched Nerve Treatment at Revelation Health

A pinched nerve doesn't just restrict the flow of nerve signals to a particular part of the body, it can also drastically lower your quality of life. If you're experiencing debilitating pain, strange neurological sensations, or unexplained weakness in any of your extremities, you may be one of the many people struggling with this potentially serious problem. The good news is that you can take the pinch off of your nerve tissue without having major surgery to shift spinal structures out of the way. Here at Revelation Health in Santa Rosa, CA, we offer non-surgical methods for relieving nerve impingement and restoring your body's normal communication channels.

Non-Surgical Pinched Nerve Treatment at Revelation Health

Causes and Effects of Pinched Nerves

You can think of your nervous system as a kind of neural "tree." The spinal cord makes up the trunk of the tree, with major nerve roots projecting outward from the spinal cord and branching out into the smaller nerves that route communications throughout the body. When any of these nerve pathways are compressed, the motor and sensory signals flowing through them can be distorted or completely cut off. The resulting symptoms can affect any or every part of the body served by that nerve or its subsidiary nerves. Common symptoms of a pinched nerve include:

    • Sharp pains or bothersome aches
    • "Pins and needles" tingling
    • Partial or total numbness
    • Loss of muscle strength or coordination
    • Changes to organ function

Pinched nerves can stem from a variety of causes. An acute accident, for instance, can dislodge spinal components, pushing bones and discs into the spine's major nerve roots. Thickening of the bone around the spinal canal can lead to stenosis, pinching the spinal cord itself. Swollen soft tissues are another cause of pinched nerves. For instance, when the tissues surrounding the wrist's median nerve are inflamed, carpal tunnel syndrome may result. Even poor posture can lead to nerve impingement issues.

Natural Symptom Relief from Our Chiropractor

Trust our chiropractor, Dr. Bartlett, to find and treat the reason behind your pinched nerve problem. Spinal screenings and X-rays can reveal musculoskeletal abnormalities that compress nerves. We can then offer non-surgical treatment to relieve your symptoms. You may need chiropractic adjustments to correct misaligned joints or discs, and free up trapped nerve tissue. Corrective exercises can help reinforce and strengthen your spinal support, improving posture and lessening the risk of pinched nerves. We can also provide soft tissue manipulation to reduce swelling and inflammation, which in turn reduces nerve compression.

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