Chiropractic Misconceptions, part 1

Have you ever pre-judged someone only to discover when you actually took the time to get to know the person that you actually ended up having more of an appreciation of, and possibly even came to like, the person?! In the same way, there are misconceptions many have regarding chiropractic that once truth is shared a different perspective is gained. One of the goals of Revelation Health in Santa Rosa, CA is to educate our patients and community about true health care and a major component of that is your spinal health, which Revelation Health’s specialty of corrective care chiropractic addresses. The following are a few chiropractic misconceptions:

Once you go to a chiropractor, do you have to go forever? No, only as long as you want to continue to receive the benefits. Eliminating symptoms is only a part of chiropractic care, maintenance of health and preventing illness is the goal – just like a healthy diet, exercise, dental care, or even car maintenance can help you avoid bigger problems in the future.

I don't need a chiropractor because my pain is gone. Pain is usually the first thing to go in the healing process. But a lack of pain does not necessarily equal health. For example, as soon as a broken arm is set, the pain goes away, but it takes time to heal. Someone may have stage four cancer and have no pain or symptoms.  Pain (or the lack thereof) is not a reliable indicator of health.

Can chiropractic adjustments cause strokes? There is no evidence of excess risk of stroke with chiropractic compared to primary care. The increased risk of stroke is likely due to a patient’s headache and neck pain from an artery clog or hemorrhage seeking care before their stroke. The risk is 1 in 5 million. Let me ask you a question. Which medical profession has the lowest Malpractice insurance? That's right, chiropractors! Why? Because we are the safest. If strokes were such a high risk, malpractice insurance would not cover neck manipulation.

If you’d like to learn more about how corrective care chiropractic and taking care of your spinal health can save you future suffering, please call Revelation Health – Bartlett Chiropractic, Inc. today! Call 707-579-8150.

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