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My journey to Dr. Bartlett was a long, slow path. Acceptance had become my life. I was slowly starting to accept that my future was destined to be less than fulfilling; the fact that pain, stiffness, and physical limitations were just going to be the norm. Every invitation or event was measured by limits. Would there be stairs? Would there be a lot of walking?  Literally all of my activities were being affected by pain.

I had a conversation with a friend and patient of Dr. Bartlett. She asked me why I had given up. I protested, of course, but her question struck a nerve. She suggested I consult Dr. Bartlett. I was afraid, but, at the same time, something pushed me to take the chance — the chance that, just maybe, I could get better. Not living on pain pills and recapturing good physical health led me to call.

Now I have my happy physical life back, and the life I wanted so desperately. I have renewed energy and comfort. I can enjoy so many activities with my children and grandchildren without pain and, more importantly, without medications. The biggest change is that I feel free, free from those sad feelings of acceptance and resignation.  I have Dr. Bartlett to thank for the bright shiny future ahead of me, and I am so grateful.

 ~ Pat G.


Three years ago, I was diagnosed with osteonecrosis of my left knee. A specialist told me that the bone had literally died, that I was NEVER going to be able to hike again, something that my husband and I love to do. If I did hike, he warned that it would cause severe pain and eventually I would not be able to even walk

I came to Dr. Bartlett looking for hope. He guided me through many months of recovery and rehabilitation. He developed a care plan specifically for me, involving chiropractic care as well as at-home exercises.

Within a year, my knee was completely healed!

The dead bone was gone, new blood vessels had grown, and new bone was laid down. I celebrated by HIKING with my husband in the Pacific Northwest. This condition occurred again last year in my other knee. We caught it before the bone died and Dr. Bartlett’s care and treatments have resulted in another complete recovery! I am now hiking again and I am very happy and grateful. Be encouraged that even if you have been given a poor prognosis, all things are possible with God and Chiropractic Care!

Thank you,

~Joanna Q.


Prior to coming to see Dr. Bartlett, I had suffered from lower back pain from an automobile accident that happened when I was 16, as well as ongoing back, neck and shoulder pain from a biking accident in 2001 when I broke my neck in 5 different locations. I spent 7 months in a brace and nearly 2-1/2 years of recovery from both the physical damage that occurred to my neck, as well as intense migraines caused by the accident.  Some level of daily pain lasted for over 8years.  I didn’t attempt to run for 2 years and didn’t get back on a bicycle for 6 years. As an avid athlete, I had a passion for a number of activities including triathlons, mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking and a variety of other outdoor activities.  The pain caused by my accidents prevented me from participating in many of these events and when I was able to participate, I would end up in pain following the event.

 Don’t get me wrong - I was so very thankful to be alive and walking.  God’s grace and mercy throughout my whole ordeal has been so evident, but as time went on I really wanted to get back to doing what I had done before.  I knew my body was capable of doing more. I just needed some help in getting it back into the right alignment.

Over the years I had seen general practitioners, orthopedic specialists, neurosurgeons and even other chiropractors, but no one seemed to be able to get to the root of the problem.  Most doctors wanted to prescribe a lot of painkillers and muscle relaxants that treated only the symptoms, but I wanted tobe healed!

I had known Dr. Bartlett for years as a friend, but had never come to him as a patient until 2009.  I had been on vacation and really threw my back out - to the point where I could hardly walk.  Dr. Bartlett encouraged me to come in and get checked. 

When I first came to Dr. Bartlett, it was to resolve the immediate and chronic pain I had from throwing my back out.  Once that was resolved, Dr. Bartlett began to look at my whole body and was able to clearly explain what was causing so much of my pain (a ripple down effect from the damage in my neck.)  It was the first time that a doctor had actually given me hope that I could someday get back to doing the activities that I loved.

Since 2009 there has been a steady improvement in my condition.  I am back to doing triathlons, have done multiple 10K runs, have climbed 3 mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation, have enjoyed backpacking with my sons and friends, I ran my first ½ marathon in November 2012 and in September 2013 I rode over 80 miles on my bike in a benefit ride.  That was the farthest I have ridden in over 12 years - and pain free!

A lot of people are skeptical about chiropractic care.  I am here to tell you it has been a miracle in my life.  There is no mystery about it.  Dr. Bartlett not only explains the problems and solutions, but is encouraging and will help you get your life back. Chiropractic care actually treats the problems, as opposed to just the symptoms.  Dr. Bartlett implements a number of cutting edge techniques and equipment that have resulted in me feeling great and much stronger!

~ John W.


My journey began nearly two decades ago.  While at the gym, I was pressing heavy weights and suddenly was unable to press my right arm over my head and had severe pain in my neck and lower back.  I was hospitalized and diagnosed with herniated disks in my neck and L-spine levels. I was prescribed drugs and rest, but the pain NEVER went away. After some years of bad choices regarding my activities, my back pain brought me to Dr. B (Bartlett).

I had been told about Dr. B initially by a friend of mine I worked with. She absolutely swore by him. She experienced some issues and went to him and had tremendous success, but I still avoided going.   After much trepidation and doubt, I called Dr. B to give his type of treatment a try. Nearly as suddenly as my symptoms occurred, they resolved. At that point, he began teaching me proper ergonomics and lifting.  My ego was a hard sell, and this was a tough lesson to accept, but going to Dr. B was whole-heartedly one of the best decisions of my life.

In 2011 I suffered a permanent nerve injury to my right foot. As a result of being on crutches for over a year and a sudden sedentary lifestyle, my back again started tweaking out, and in 2012 I again landed in the hospital with severe back spasms. In the spring of 2013 I knew I had to do something, regardless of lack of insurance and the fact that I had been unemployed since 2009 due to my pain. I came to know that I could not keep running from my condition any longer, that something was seriously wrong. I went back to Dr. B and after x-rays and testing; I was diagnosed with scoliosis and DJD. He found that one of my disks was dangerously close to fusing. I was a mess. He put me on a regimen of three visits a week for six months. After follow up testing there is straightening of my spine and there is much more space between my disks. I was finally recovering. I was also beginning to make better choices and paying attention to my body and recognizing my limitations. He not only is my chiropractor, he is my teacher.  I am now on a maintenance plan, seeing him only once a week, and feeling like a new person! I no longer feel like I am going to break into two pieces when I get up in the mornings!

Any doubts one may have about the efficacy of Chiropractic care may be assured that Dr. Bartlett is effective, compassionate, and straight-up guy. He tells it like it is and is a patient and knowledgeable guide to bringing you to your full health potential. I have known him for nearly 20 years and his talent and effectiveness as a chiropractor should not be doubted. He uses all of the modern testing equipment; he is professional, personable, and he has friendly staff. I actually enjoy going in. I am forever grateful for his care, which has essentially given me my life back.

Thank you!

~ JP


I was in a car accident five years before I began treatment with Dr. Bartlett. My injuries included broken vertebrae in my neck, broken ribs and a sprained ankle and knee. After a back brace, I began physical therapy to build the muscles of my back and abdomen. I began to feel better once I got off my pain medication and regained strength in my back, but soon after I realized that I just didn’t have the energy I had had before the accident.

We soon found out that my thyroid hormone was low. When I received hormonal supplement I felt much better but I still noticed that my brain function had not been what it was before the accident. It was like I was experiencing premature aging. I couldn’t remember people’s names and often I would be searching for words mid-sentence. I found myself avoiding conversation for fear of not having the words to express myself. Some may call this “brain fog”, but I knew in my heart that something was wrong.

 As a mom I was spending a lot of time driving. While driving, I noticed nerve  pain radiating down my arms to such an extent that my fingers, especially those in my right hand, felt numb. In addition there was pain across my chest.  By the end of 2012 I felt like an old woman. I never used to get sick in the winter, but in 2011 & 2012 I got the flu and was just incapacitated. It seemed like my immune system was also weakened.

I had heard of Dr. Bartlett from another homeschooling mom whose sons saw him regularly, especially during soccer season. I knew that I would need to return to work to supplement my husband’s income with two sons going off to college, but I knew I was in no condition to be able to do this. I knew my only hope of having a functional life again was to go to a chiropractor.

                When I went to see Dr. Bartlett he read my health history and he looked at a four year old X-Ray of my spine. Dr. Bartlett and his team perform a complete exam of my nervous system and then took a set of X-Rays of my spine. When I returned for the report of findings I cried when he showed me my recent X-Ray and how much my spine had deteriorated in four years. The curve in my neck was almost curving in the opposite direction to the proper curvature. He told me that after a year of treatment, if I followed his recommendations, doing the exercises and home treatments, I could have correction in my neck. The lower back scoliosis which had worsened in four years couldn’t be corrected but chiropractic treatments would allow me to be functional. Though I was saddened to see how badly my spine had deteriorated, I was encouraged and hopeful that I could have a healthy vibrant life again.

                My hobbies are gardening, swimming, cooking, reading and hiking. I was unable to perform any of them without pain. My condition interfered with gardening because it would hurt my back to bend over and in cooking I couldn’t stand for long because my legs would tire. With reading, I couldn’t concentrate and I’d often have to re-read what I read. I can now pursue all of these activities again!

After just three visits I could immediately recognize an improvement in my cognitive function. I could think clearly again! I understood what I read and I could carry on conversation easily. Soon after this I noticed I had more strength in my arms. I could close the hatchback of the minivan with ease!  After a month of care I noticed that I could bend and twist much easier. Spring arrived and I hadn’t been sick that winter. My immune system was working better with changes in my diet and chiropractic care. After three months of care I didn’t have the pain radiating down my arms and the pain across my chest lessened more and more. After seven months I was able to go hiking with my family on vacation and began weight resistance exercises to help lose the excess pounds of fat I’d put on the last ten years.

                I must say that chiropractic care with Dr. Bartlett has a tremendous impact on one’s overall health. Chiropractic is not only for getting rid of a backache, it’s for allowing all parts of your body to work at an optimal level, allowing an active lifestyle to continue into your 80’s! I’m looking forward to healthy living in the years ahead!



I have had back trouble for years, mostly located in the lower right lumbar area. As of last fall when I came to Dr. Bartlett's office, I had developed pain in the middle left area of my back, and was walking in a "leaning forward" stance.  In addition, I had a persistent pain in my left knee that did not feel "structural" but was painful nevertheless.


I loved playing golf, but I was very limited in what I could do, confined to riding an electric cart and not hitting the ball anywhere near as far as I had previously been able to do. 


My “go to treatment” for this pain was primarily Ibuprofen (in large quantities). I even tried doing some different exercises, but nothing seemed to deal with the root of the problem.


I was referred to the office by a friend, after he observed the way I was walking.  I had been to chiropractors a few times in the past, when I was in severe pain and completely laid low by spasms.  I was skeptical as to whether the pain relief in the past was from the chiropractic adjustments, or simply the passing of time with rest.

When I came into the office, Dr. Bartlett did a thorough exam and even took x-rays of my spine. The x-rays showed deterioration in the space between the vertebra and potential continuing fusion that would create a permanent "little old man" posture over time.  It would also limit my flexibility and my ability to engage in an active lifestyle in my "golden years".  Dr. Bartlett indicated he couldn't repair the damage done, but could stop or slow the deterioration for the future. 


Recently, Dr. Bartlett took x-rays and compared them to my initial condition.  Not only had he arrested the fusing in the lower area of my spine, but it had actually reversed and improved.  He indicated that he would never have predicted such improvement; I have now transitioned to maintenance care!


The primary measurement for how much better I’m doing for me is the distance I can now hit a golf ball!  I've added about 20 yards to my drive, I now walk the course at least 1/2 the time, and I have very little pain or stiffness when I'm done. I am able to do aerobic training for thirty minutes four times a week.  Primarily, I feel that I am standing up straighter without trying, and my overall flexibility and balance has improved.

There is obviously a benefit to be had at the hands of a competent chiropractor.  Dr. Bartlett is currently treating several members of my family for various ailments, not all of which would “seem” to be related to the spine. It is not a “one-time” fix, but requires patience over time to see the lasting results of care!


Thank you!

          ~Gerry A.

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