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Jennifer F, PETALUMA, CA 
My chiropractic care with Dr. Bartlett has been outstanding. The care I have received has been personalized and effective. A year ago I felt like my ability to function was way below what it should have been for my age, due to an injury I had experienced 5 years earlier. Now I can think more clearly, I can stand up straight effortlessly and I have strength in my upper body which I haven't had for some time. I feel like I have been given back strength and vitality. His office staff is friendly and helpful.


I have been using Chiropractic for about 35 years both here and in the East Coast. I can honestly say that Dr. B is hands down (pun intended) best one I have ever gone to. Simply the best!!

Thank you Dianne; we love the humor!

Nicole M., Santa Rosa, CA 
The customer service in Dr. Bartlett's office is outstanding.

Jeanette F., SANTA ROSA, CA 
I've been going to Dr. Bartlett for almost a year now and can feel a huge difference! Did I mention he's the most positive, encouraging Chiropractor. You’ll never regret going as his staff are amazing as well. Definitely a 5 star practice!!! I will never go anywhere else :)

Thanks for the encouragement Jeanette! We're all glad to be here to give you the care you need!

Craig C., Windsor, CA 
I have been seeing Dr. Bartlett for about three months now and I look forward to every visit. He is not only professional but he has a heart of gold. He has helped me better myself in so many ways. I also have to say thank you to his staff they are wonderful also. Thank you! 

We love seeing & serving you and your family each time! Thank you for your kind words and being diligent in your home care as we work together in allowing you to live a full abundant life.


Ralphine T., SANTA ROSA, CA 
Dr. Bartlett has help me tremendously for the first time in 3 years I am without pain.Amen!

More love...

"Dr. Bartlett is very knowledgeable. He knows several different methods which will fit each person’s style. The staff are always welcoming. Highly recommend!!!”

“I’ve now been to 4 chiropractors in the last 3 years. I was very impressed with how much he knew & his assessment of my problem. Knowing I was nervous he did a great job making me feel at ease.”

“Dr. Bartlett has been caring for my family for years. He is gifted in knowing what we need to be a our healthiest and best. My daughter’s scoliosis has been mitigated with is care and treatment.”

“You folks all work together so well to make my visits truly enjoyable. Thank you! After 14 years of maintenance (and intervention when I do dumb things), this is a critical part of keeping my body in tuned up shape. I really appreciate your part in that!”

“Excellent monthly tune up as usual for past 20 years.”

“Dr. Bartlett has been treating our entire family for years & has always been helpful and professional. We appreciate that he combines treatments with a dose of fun…he is so good with our kids & they enjoy going to see “Dr. B”. Thanks for investing in our health, Dr. Bartlett!!!”

“Despite a busy schedule, Dr. Bartlett takes time to listen to me & go the extra mile like copying a paper of interest for me.”

“Great service…I would not be having any quality of life without your consistent care…”

"Dr. Bartlett is not only a good doctor, but he cares deeply for his patients and wants to help heal them.  My wife was in a serious automobile accident several years ago, and her back was in bad shape.  But after seeing Dr. Bartlett, she has a new lease on life and feels terrific.  Our three sons and I have also benefited from Dr. Bartlett's care and encouragement.

"Yes, it is true that is not cheap, but in life, you usually get what you pay for.  I guess if you wanted to be really cheap, then don't see a doctor at all, but then you would pay to mask the pain and not deal with the root cause, anyway."

"Sure, you could go to a doctor who would be willing to take your money and not truly deal with the root cause of the pain but to give you the false sense that you are healed.  But Dr. Bartlett is committed to actually healing you, so yes, he expects the same commitment from his patients."

"You have to ask yourself a question:  How much is it worth to me to be active with less suffering?"

"For me and my family, we love how active we can be, able to enjoy life without pain, and that is worth more than the expense of seeing the good doctor.  Besides, he and his staff are fun." 

"Very impressed with Dr. Bartlett's thorough and balanced approach to treating my chronic neck injury."

"He took a thorough history, examined me, and then offered treatment options including adjustments, exercises, and nutrition. He gave me good information and asked me to tell him what treatment regimen I wanted to follow. They ranged from just getting me out of pain, all the way to regular preventative chiropractic treatments."

"He made it very clear he would honor my treatment wishes."

"After several visits, it became clear that Dr. Bartlett is a very knowledgeable and experienced chiropractor. He explains what is going on and what he's going to do to either correct or prevent issues."

"My treatments have been very effective and I would strongly recommend folks looking for an excellent chiropractor to visit Dr. Bartlett." 


"First time I've actually seen my x-rays and had an explanation of what exactly is going on with my body. He's honest about what he can do and what is already "set" and won't be able to be fixed. Looking forward to getting straightened and strengthened." -- Kelly K.


"Dr. Bartlett has been instrumental in my recovery. I was diagnosed with a rare brain disease several years ago that became debilitating. I had horrific headaches and the inability to stand for very long. Dr. B (as we fondly call him) has worked with this neurological disorder and given me my life back. Now, when I have a headache or pain from some nerve damage...a result of the disease, he gets me in right away and  makes sure to get me feeling better.

He cares about his patients. We are not a number, but rather treated as family. He is kind and very personable. My kids both go to him, my daughter for a hip issue and my son to keep him strong as a wrestler. He relates to them,  knows and remembers what they are doing in school and life and always has them laughing.

If you are wanting a family chiropractor for life, you will want Dr. Brian. He is a medical gift! We are so thankful to him!" -- Shaylene K.


"Dr. Bartlett has been my chiropractor of choice for over 15 years. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and keeps current with new techniques, strategies, and technology. He is full of excellent information and advises me well on my overall health, nutrition, exercise techniques, etc. I trust him completely and recommend him to people often." -- Katherine V.


"Well let me start out by saying TRUST this was the first thing that I was noticing and feeling that was 100% there. My body is very important to me and I just can't let anyone work on my body soul and mind. Not only is he teaching me about how the body works but what it needs and what I have to do to help feel the true feeling. I have been going to DR BARTLETT  for over 12 times now and there is still a lot to do but he's there to see it happen and gives me homework to do at home so that I can get to my one self. I have had numbness for along time and my spine and lower areas are out of wack. I know with his greatest attitude that he does have and who he is the best personality in the WORLD. I know of 3 people that go to him and they all told me years ago to go to him. I am now and I would highly recommend EVERYONE  that could and know  that you need help in that area. I love going to him not only to correct the problem but I get a laugh while I'm there cause he is the funniest guy I know. AMEN" -- Michael H.


"Dr. Bartlett is simply the best chiroprator in the North Bay.  Puts patience at ease, great sense of humor and works for the long term overall health of his patience.  Using tried and true methods as well as the latest technology, I find is a great combination.  Fantastic office atmosphere, family friendly and actually will serve the whole family.  There is no price tag we can put on our overall health.  If you think something isn't right, it probably isn't.  Give Dr. Bartlett's office a call and take the first step toward better health and better living.  He is that good!" -- Bill B.


"Neck problems for years, Dr. Bartlett gets me out of trouble and helps keep me out of trouble.  Always excellent advice toward the big picture of my health and careful careful adjustments.  I trust him and the staff." -- Robert A.


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