Treating Arthritis in Santa Rosa

The development of arthritis pain may bring up questions and concerns. You may want to find ways to address the pain without using harsh medications or traditional treatment solutions. At Revelation Health Bartlett Chiropractic, Inc. our chiropractor offers holistic solutions to help with your pain in Santa Rosa and provides the care you need to address the underlying concerns that contribute to your discomfort.


How Chiropractic Care Helps with Arthritis

Chiropractic care focuses on the connections between the muscles, tendons, and bones throughout your body. Our chiropractor at Revelation Health is trained and experienced with treating arthritis through holistic strategies based on the underlying problems that may contribute to your pain and discomfort. Since arthritis may take many forms and relate to a variety of situations, our team focuses on identifying the underlying concerns before developing a customized treatment plan to address your pain. We use modern strategies to assist with the process and ensure that you have the right care for your pain relief.

Treatments From Our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor in Santa Rosa starts your treatment plan with a consultation and an examination. We may use digital x-rays to identify the severity of your arthritis and the areas that have the most inflammation. After a consultation, we develop a custom plan of action to address your pain with a combination of chiropractic treatments and corrective care. We may recommend dietary changes to help reduce inflammation in the area. We also recommend exercises that help improve your mobility and reduce your pain. 

During treatment, we may teach you exercises, stretches, and methods to alleviate your pain at home. Our recommendations are designed around your needs, so we provide custom solutions for your situation. Our chiropractic treatments are also designed to address your needs, and we use modern techniques for the best results.

When to Talk to Our Team

In our clinic, we offer a consultation and an exam before we recommend any treatments for your pain. You will want to discuss your concerns with our team when you have consistent pain or your doctor recommends treatment. You may also consider a consultation if you want to alleviate your pain with holistic solutions. Since we take a natural and holistic approach to healing, we ensure that you have the right information to alleviate your pain and help with your long-term goals.

Make an Appointment Today

When you are ready to alleviate your pain or you want to talk to a professional about your options, contact us today. We are available during normal business hours and you can set up an appointment by calling (707) 579-8150. Our chiropractor in Santa Rosa is able to help with your pain and provide the care you need for long-term health. Call today for more information.

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